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Academic Research Papers from the projects funded in Phase 1 of the Network

  • NRNC05 Multiple virtual source aperture imaging for non-destructive testing

    Insight - Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring,

    • Materials

    This paper introduces several improvements to the VSA technique that allow for real-time imaging at lateral resolution and SNR levels comparable to and exceeding those of TFM, which is often referred to as the 'gold standard' in image quality. For this, three improvements are presented: firstly, by applying an apodisation function on transmit it is shown that improvements in side-lobe suppression can be achieved while maintaining a wide main lobe; secondly, two VSA scanning strategies are introduced, allowing for a greater averaging effect due to the additional virtual sources; and finally, a self-adaptive weighting function is applied to each pixel in the B-scan image based on the principles of incoherent and coherent summation.

  • NRN125 - Eigenfunction expansion based approaches for Galerkin stochastic finite element analysis

    novel approach is suggested to compute the response of discretized stochastic elliptic partial differential equations by utilising the stochastic finite element analysis method. The mathematical form of the approach is established by projecting random scalars onto a random basis.

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  • NRN162 - BiCMOS microfluidic sensor for single cell label-free monitoring through microwave intermodulation

    IEEE Xplore

    • Sensors and Devices

    A novel microfluidic biosensing platform based on Bipolar-Complementary Oxide Semiconductor (BiCMOS) technology is presented. The device relies on a quadruple electrode system and a microfluidic channel that are directly integrated into the back-end-of-line (BEOL) of the BiCMOS stack. For proof of concept repeatable electrical trapping of single SW620 (colon cancer) cells in the quadruple electrode system is initially demonstrated. Additionally, for the first time a microwave intermodulation technique is used for high sensitivity dielectric spectroscopy, which could pave the way to label-free monitoring of intracellular processes and manipulation such as electroporation.

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