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Knowledge Transfer, Materials, Sensors and Devices

3D Printing of Functional Photonic Metamaterial Devices

A collaboration between Bangor, Dundee and Loughborough Universities






Setup of a metamaterial 3D printing systems. 







Metamaterials are artificial electromagnetic media that are structured on the sub-wavelength scale. The shape, geometry, size, orientation and arrangement of their structures determine their exotic properties. The field of metamaterial research has experienced an explosive growth in the past decade: from initial microwave metamaterial to optical and photonic metamaterial, to optical,

acoustic, thermal and Terahertz metamaterials, and on to flexible and broadband metamaterials. The research

agenda is now shifting toward achieving reconfigurable, tuneable, switchable and sensing functionalities. These require 3D metamaterials to support additional vertical layer-to-layer wave coupling. The main challenge in developing 3D metamaterials is in developing fast and reliable fabrication and device integration technologies.



This project will develop a 3D printing system with a resolution of 50 nm (about the size of the SARS virus) and high-speed. Underpinned by our new superlens technology, it will be capable of manufacturing metamaterials and devices in minutes, not hours, performing at least 9x faster than most up-to-date 3D printing systems. 

Early Career Personal Research Fellow
Dr Liyang Yue

T:+44(0)1248 382265

Collaborator and host: Dr Zengbo Wang

Dr Liyang Yue Image Dr Liyang Yue Image

Liyang is an Early Career Personal Research Fellow. He enjoys watching football matches.


Prof Amin Abdolvand
E: a.abdolvand@dundee.ac.uk  

Dr Sundar Marimuthu
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