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NRN Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee has responsibility to oversee the strategic development of the National Research Network in Advanced Engineering and Materials (NRN-AEM). The Committee is chaired by the the PVC Science & Technology at Swansea University. Representative of the Chief Science Advisor for Wales and HEFCW is also invited to attend as observers. Its responsibilities include:

  • To oversee the strategic direction of the NRN-AEM.
  • To ensure that the NRN-AEM is responsive to the aspirations of the Welsh Government and the partner institutions.
  • To oversee the management of the NRN-AEM by the Director.
  • To ensure that the NRN-AEM delivers the original project plans and targets and/or to make changes to these when appropriate.
  • To review the activities and distribution of funding allocated by the NRN-AEM and make high level strategic recommendations.
  • To ensure appropriate institutional commitment and support to the NRN-AEM from partner institutions.