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Find a PhD - opportunity between Cardiff University and Airbus Bristol

NRN AEM PI Dr Abhishek Kundu is looking to recruit a PhD student to build a data-driven computational framework for robust design and optimisation of aircraft - an exciting opportunity in conjunction with Cardiff University and Airbus Bristol.

Dr Kundu's recent NRN AEM project has led to the development of collaborations between industry leads in this sector including Airbus.

This PhD includes the following opportunities:

  • Scope of stipend enhancement of £2.4k p.a. on top of the EPSRC PhD stipend
  • Onsite training on high-performance computing at Airbus, Filton
  • EU candidates eligible for this position




Early aircraft design must cope with uncertainties that exist due to lack of design maturity, lack of knowledge about aerodynamic loads and constraints as well as model form uncertainties due to lack of confidence in the underlying physics simulation models. The ability to properly account for these uncertainties in early stage aircraft design optimisation becomes a key enabler for industry to properly trade optimum performance against the risks of achieving the performance and meeting the constraints (including key constraints on time to market). 

Project aims and methods:

The project aims to build a data-driven computational framework (RDO-Air) for robust design and optimization of aircraft (A/C) structures in a collaboration with Airbus in Bristol, Filton. RDO-Air would be applicable for early stage A/C design under a set of stringent design constraints imposed by considerations of weight penalty, flexibility in flight conditions, flight envelopes and risk minimization using a Bayesian inference-based optimization technique. The specific application area for this work is related to the optimisation of the “jig twist” in the manufacture tooling and the impacts of this in terms of the achieved flight shape, aerodynamic performance, and on the overall design loads envelope. 



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Please note this PhD is not funded by the NRN AEM


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