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New Environmental Film Highlights Sustainable Energy Rsearch

Conveying complex science to a wider audience is not an easy task; however a new film, funded by the NRN AEM and the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has done just that.

Produced as part of Dr Enrico Andreoli’s current research at the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University’s College of Engineering a unique and educational film conveying the development and application of new materials and processes for sustainable energy, the film aims to translate and transfer the science behind sustainable energy to a broader audience, for both public and policy makers alike, through the use of a creative narrative. 

The video uses ‘tradition’ as a metaphor for ‘sustainability’. The thorough work on the development of a visual narrative and additional text, which translate cultural values into scientific elements, make 'Be Tradition'  a unique piece of art. 

This two year project in collaboration with Michela Cortese, associate lecturer and PhD candidate in Media Studies at Bangor University was filmed on location in the South of Italy, employing award-winning practitioners such as Paolo Simi, director of photography, and John Finnegan, lecturer in screenwriting at Falmouth University. 








“Thanks to Michela & the trust I have been given from the funding bodies, we have now this wonderful film that I hope will reach the widest audience possible.

This has been an invaluable opportunity to translate the key concepts of my work, using carbon dioxide for the future of renewable energy, into a unique and engaging fictional film.

Creative experts like Michela can help us scientists & engineers look at what we do from a totally different perspective, I think this is essential for the long-term impact of our work.”

- Dr Enrico Andreoli


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