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NATEP helping SMEs innovate in aerospace: Autumn 2021

Primarily targetted to businesses that are new to research and development (R&D) or are restarting R&D activity, the lead organisation can collaborate with research organisations, an academic institution, charity, public sector organisation or RTO.

Projects must have a potential application within the civil aerospace sector. This can include dual use technologies.

Proposals must align with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy, ‘Accelerating Ambition’, which is split into these areas:

  • vehicles: strengthening the UK’s whole-aircraft design and system integration capability, and positioning it for future generations of civil aircraft
  • advanced systems: developing UK advanced systems technologies to capture high-value opportunities in current and future aircraft
  • aerostructures: ensuring the UK is a global leader in the development of large complex structures, particularly wings
  • propulsion and power: advancing a new generation of more efficient propulsion technologies, particularly large turbofans
  • cross-cutting enablers: developing high value design capabilities, advanced materials, manufacturing and assembly, and advanced through-life engineering technologies

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Information taken from https://ktn-uk.org/opportunities/


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