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NRN AEM Sponsors PVSAT-13


NRN AEM are proud to be associate sponsors for this year's 13th Photovoltaic Science, Application and Technology Conference in Bangor, PVSAT-13 hosted by the The Solar Energy Society (UK-ISES).

This three day conference brings together a collection of leading academics and industrialists in the field of PV technologies from crystalline silicon to emerging organic and hybrid cells, including Perovskite Solar cells, a subject that NRN AEM Principal Investigator, Dr Jeff Kettle researches. 

Dr Jeff Kettle, will be providing a host lecture on the latest PV research being undertaken at Bangor University. Currently Dr Kettle's NRN Project focuses on three main aspects of Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs) in the hope

to improve this technology's ability. 


  • Manufacturing processes for large area cell manufacture.
  • Material degradation measurements.
  • Development of DC electronics for PSCs.


As well as a talk from Dr Kettle, three of our NRN AEM students will be presenting at the event to showcase their latest research in PV technology; those from projects across the NRN AEM including NRN152NRN113, NRN094 and NRN118.



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"Improving stability (with PSCs) will assist in the commercial exploitation of this exciting technology."

- Dr Jeff Kettle, NRN094

Image 1: Photovoltaic Cells | Image 2: Dr Jeff Kettle | 





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