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Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs) at eGOPV Conference 2016

Dr Jeff Kettle in conjunction with NRN AEM PhD student Vasil Stoichkov, have been making progress with project NRN094 by undertaking outdoor and indoor accelerated testing procedures of organic solar cell modules.

Following on from this they have been received by Professor Frederik Krebs at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and subsequently part of this work featured at the eGOPV Conference 2016

This work was also presented at the ISOS-9 in Fraunhofer ISE, where the PI for the project, Jeff Kettle was an invited speaker.

You can watch Dr Kettle's talk on Organic Photovoltaics for building integration below.








" In both cases the NRN was acknowledged for their support as this work has been driven by Vasil Stoichkov. The work was well received by the international community and I have now been invited to give talks in 2017 to the Solliance Consortium and Suzhou Institute of Nanotech (SINANO)."

- Dr Jeff Kettle



Image and Video Copyright DTU 2016


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