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Professor Huw Summers, ENRW Director, brings stories from the worlds of technology and engineering, aiming to give an insight into current events and new discoveries, or a perspective on past feats of engineering glory.

March 2022

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The long Welsh road to hydrogen-powered cars

The current explosion of research and development of electric and hydrogen powered cars is clearly driven by environmental concerns. After 150 years of using internal combustion engines which produce exhaust carbon we urgently need to engineer zero carbon alternatives. Prof Summers reviews the Welsh connection to the powering of cars, the contribution to the land speed record and current developments to find a future fuel source for cars through the use of hydrogen.


January 2022

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Engineering and Agriculture

In anticipation of our pan-Wales online event Sustainable Agriculture for the 21st Century in February, Prof Summers  takes a look at Agriculture – as the catalyst for the development of engineering disciplines in universities and, in turn, as beneficiary of the technical revolutions that this engineering has delivered. This brief look at the history of agricultural science in Welsh universities and how it contrasts with developments across the Atlantic in the United States, a nation in which agriculture has substantially shaped the university sector.


November 2021


Engineering Carbon Reduction - moving towards net zero

While COP26 is taking place in Glasgow, the pressing need to decarbonise our economies is being made loud and clear. Headline stories tend to focus on personal aspects of our economy, but the industrial production methods driving manufacturing of goods are also extremely important in tackling carbon emissions. The good news is that focused efforts on a few sites with large emission levels can bring huge rewards. Prof Summers met with Dr Ian Mabbett who is developing transdisciplinary research and systems approaches to unpick global challenges, including climate change.


June 2021

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Engineering Heroes - International Women in Engineering Day

Prof Huw Summers features a personal selection of inspirational women inventors, who were not professional engineers, from the 20th century. They were driven by curiosity, determination and a common wish to generate solutions to problems that they saw in their own lives or of those around them. He also talks to Wendy Sadler of Science made Simple about encouraging girls into science and engineering.   


May 2021

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Missions to Mars

Current interest in Mars is driven by a series of missions that have sent unmanned probes out to Mars and landed instruments on the planet surface. At Aberystwyth University, Dr Helen Miles who works in the Department of Computing, is actively involved in research for the European ExoMars mission, scheduled to launch in 2022.


April 2021

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The Grounding of the Ever Given

On the 23rd March the container ship Ever Given ran aground in high winds whilst in the Suez canal, generating a worldwide news story and completely stopping shipping in one of the worlds’ busiest seaways. To find out more about the technical aspects of this event Prof Huw Summers spoke to Henk van den Boom, from the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) who has over 40 years maritime experience.