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Our project portfolio


We fund 62 projects across a wide range of topic areas spanning from fundamental studies in basic science to manufacturing processes and product development. Highlight areas of international importance include:

  • Medical microsystems - blood rheology, cellular diagnostics, biomolecular sensing and biomechanics.
  • Smart Materials - biomimetic approaches, functional coatings, energy storage and novel analysis techniques.
  • Semiconductors - high power devices, optoelectronics. medical devices and carbon materials.
  • Novel modelling technology - including advanced finite element approaches, multiscale and multi physics models and implementation in high performance computing.
  • Energy systems - turbine engineering, distribution networks, battery technologies and photo-voltaics.

STEM outreach

We are actively engaged in publicising Engineering and Science in Wales to as wide an audience as possible and promoting STEM careers to aspiring scientists and engineers. Cutting edge research presentations are delivered within our Distinguished Lecturer series whilst the wider appreciation of the role of Engineering and Technology within Wales is promoted through public events such as the National Eisteddfod. We maintain close links to a number of Campaigning and Promotional bodies such as Athena SWAN, CaSE, Techniquest and Science Made Simple.


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