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Functional and Biological Assessment of an Implant Material for Treating Focal Cartilage Defects

A collaboration between Cardiff University, Industry & NHS Wales



 Alpha Chondro Shield® is produced by Swiss Biomed Ortho and distributed by Hospital Innovations in the UK




The cell-free cartilage implant Alpha Chondro Shield® (ACS) is a cell-free cartilage replacement material designed to treat large focal cartilage defects of the knee. ACS relies on the migration and differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are released from the subchondral bone after the microfracture procedure. These attach to the fibres of the fleece material and form a blood clot, and eventually replace lost hyaline cartilage. This is advantageous over microfracture alone, particularly for larger defects where microfracture has shown increased chances of failure.   Mechanical properties and the PGA in the implant material improves biocompatibility properties over other synthetics.




This project will investigate biological and functional properties of a surgical material called AlphaChondroShield®, and conventional surgical procedure microfracture both in vitro and in humans.

ACS® is an absorbable, cell-free cartilage resurfacing material made from a woven polyglycolic acid fleece.



Principal Investigator
Prof Cathy Holt

T:+44 (029) 20874533

PhD Student: Mr Nidal Khatib

Prof Cathy Holt Image Prof Cathy Holt Image

Cathy is a Professor of Biomechanics and Orthopaedic Engineering and leads the Biomedical Engineering Research Group in the School of Engineering at Cardiff University.

Industry Collaborator
Mr Phil Davies

Hospital Innovations

Arthritis UK Biomechanics and Bioengineering Centre, Cardiff University


Dr Debbie Mason
School of Biosciences
Cardiff University

Mr Chris Wilson
Cardiff and Vale Orthopaedic Centre
Cardiff and Vale UHB