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The Online Monitoring Of Additive Manufacturing Processes

A collaboration between Swansea University and TWI




Additive Layer Manufacturing is now being used in the Airbus A380




Additive manufacturing is a production method receiving increasing attention and significant investment from engineering designers and experts. Due to its ability to be able to produce complex parts with intricate geometries, additive manufacturing research proves an interesting field. The additional benefit of improved production times has seen the fabrication method move towards a more commercial sector. For instance, the process is now being used for repair technologies of large scale components and increasing the capabilities of these methods will only see an increase in its already diverse applications.

In this project, a plug and play system will be designed to allow for commercial production of the designed system. By making this system commercially available and compatible with a wide range of additive machines, subsequent experimental work can be carried out in order to create in-depth real time data analysis .



The project is investigating the complex variables present in the additive manufacturing process. The additive manufacturing process is to be monitored in real time using a visual based system coupled with image processing so that detailed data can be extrapolated. Melt pool dimensions and other key experimental variables are to be monitored to allow for subsequent real time data acquisition. This real time data can then be used for detailed experimental work on the additive manufacturing processes.

Principal Investigator
Dr Robert Lancaster

T:+44(0)1792 295965

PhD Student: Mr Robert Sampson

Dr Robert Lancaster Image Dr Robert Lancaster Image

This research will provide a crucial step in identifying inconsistencies in the additive structure during the build, with the potential to create significant cost savings.

Dr Dimos Liaptsis

T:+44(0)7825 971 283

Dr Dimos Liaptsis Image Dr Dimos Liaptsis Image

The field of Additive Layer Manufacturing is experiencing significant growth and this project will provide a crucial tool for defect recognition in additive structures.