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Knowledge Transfer, Materials, Modelling, Sensors and Devices

Tunable Chip-scale Optical Microresonators

A collaboration between Bangor University and Cardiff University




Schematic outline of the integrated photonic chip platform. 





Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)

technology is a fast‐growing sector of the optics industry and is estimated to  command a market share of about £1Bn by 2022. Optical microresonators are key components of PICs and are used for a variety of filtering, detection and light generation purposes such as all‐optical routing, photonic bio‐sensing and non‐linear wave‐mixing. For example, cavity‐enhanced nonlinear optical effects in microresonators can be used to generate optical frequency combs at a fraction of the pump power, cost and size of current commercial systems. In turn, these frequency combs can be used for industrial applications such as chip‐based spectroscopy in photonic bio‐sensors.



The aim of this project is to create a platform for the realisation of integrated chip‐scale photonic devices such as optical microresonators.


Principal Investigator
Dr Maziar Nezhad

T:+44(0)1248 382901

Supervising 2 PhD Students

Dr Maziar Nezhad Image Dr Maziar Nezhad Image

Our team's expertise covers photonic design, advanced optical materials, nanofabrication and precision measurements.

Dr Oliver Williams
Dr Egor Muljarov