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    Achieving the best for Welsh Science


    From a spider silk super lens to aiding in the development of lighter prosthetic limbs; the NRN AEM has funded an array of engineering projects and we reflect on the past five years, its achievements and successes.

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    NRN AEM research into non-destructive testing wins top prize at international conference


    An NRN AEM academic from Cardiff University has scooped best conference paper at this year’s European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring Series (EWSHM).

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    NRN AEM Academic wins sought after EPSRC Fellowship


    Dr Maziar Nezhad of Bangor University and PI to NRN Project 105 has been awarded an Innovation Fellowship from EPSRC.

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    NRN PhD publishes in renowned journal CMAME


    PhD student, Eilir Pryse, whose work on stochastic systems has been published by Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (CMAME)

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    Find a PhD - opportunity between Cardiff University and Airbus Bristol


    Looking for a PhD centered on building a data-driven computational framework for robust design and optimisation of aircraft structures in collaboration with Airbus Bristol? Cardiff University are looking now.

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    Funding Call - Industrial Collaboration Awards (ICA)


    Sêr Cymru National Research Network for Advanced Engineering and Materials funding oppotunity for Industrial Collaboration Awards (ICA)

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    Challenges and Progress for Diversity in Science and Engineering


    The three Sêr Cymru Networks come together to celebrate and discuss diversity in science and engineering.

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    NRN AEM Academic Shortlisted for Prestigious Prize


    NRN AEM Early Career Personal Research Fellow, Dr Liyang Yue of Bangor University has been shortlisted for the prestigious Newton Prize 2017

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    Fellow joins team in winning prize for innovative ovarian cancer test


    NRN AEM fellow, Dr Sofia Teixeira, is part of the team of researchers from Swansea University who won an international award for a graphene biosensor based diagnostic test for ovarian cancer which is quicker, more accurate, less expensive and portable.

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    NRN AEM researchers develop a breakthrough microfluidic method


    NRN researchers produce a new microfluidics method that could address the production of bottleneck issues relating to the demand and cost requirements of inertial fusion energy (IFE).

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    Engineering Wales Conference-18th October 2017


    The countdown to Wales' first major engineering conference sets to bring academia and industry together to expose the engineering challenges and ingenuity's that we have here within Wales.

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    Engineering Network student co-ordinates collaborative workshop to broaden research knowledge between academics


    Francesco Mazzali of NRN project NRN140 in conjunction with Rob Philips from Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University launch a workshop to reinforce collaboration between the same disciplines.

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    NRN AEM Researcher’s PhD Thesis Recognised as Best in Europe by ECCOMAS


    NRN AEM Research Assistant, Dr Rogelio Ortigosa Martinez, has thesis recognised as best in Europe by ECCOMAS.

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    Academia - Industry Collaboration is Vital to Pushing Science Forward


    Dr Liana Cipcigan reflects on the Industrial Secondment gained through the Royal Academy of Engineering with the National Grid and the impact this relation has to science.

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    Sêr Cymru NRN in Advanced Engineering and Materials - Annual Report 2016


    The Annual Report for the Sêr Cymru NRN in Advanced Engineering and Materials 2016.

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    Inaugural Sêr Cymru Postgraduate Conference - Post Event Summary


    A look back at the launch of the Sêr Cymru Postgraduate Conference which took place on the 15th September 2016 at Swansea University's Bay Campus

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    Sêr Cymru Inaugural PhD Conference


    We launch the inaugural Sêr Cymru Postgraduate conference this month and look forward to welcoming all PhD students from across the three networks, Advanced Engineering and Materials, Life Sciences and Low Carbon, Energy and Environment as well as TWI Ltd.

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