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Having successfully collaborated with the likes of RICE University, Nottingham University as well as industry giants BP, Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) and Tata Steel during her time funded as part of the NRN AEM; Research Assistant Dr Virginia Gomez believes it is building upon strong relations such as these that will enable Welsh science to be at the forefront of innovative developments and promote engineering ingenuity on the international stage; an objective the Welsh Government is keen to promote as part of the ‘Science for Wales’ initiative.


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Engineering Networks Could Provide the Answer in Aiding Researchers with Crucial Industry Opportunities Post Academia

Swansea University


As Research Assistant, Dr Virginia Gomez, gets ready to swap the lab for the law having recently accepted a new position as Patent Advisor in Madrid’s top IP firm, ABG Patentes; Dr Gomez reflects on the impact engineering networks, such as the National Research Network (NRN) in Advanced Engineering and Materials (AEM), provide in creating unique collaborative opportunities for researchers.





“Working on an NRN AEM funded project has provided a unique opportunity to work in new and relevant research areas. It has provided links and opportunities between academia and industry and has proven to be valuable in creating bridges to other career paths outside of academia"


- Dr Virginia Gomez, ESRI Swansea University




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