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    NRN AEM Academic Helps Revolutionise Soil Research


    NRN141 PI, Bjornar Sandnes in conjunction with Swansea University's Complex Flow Lab have been exploring the intricate shapes that emerge when air is injected into soil.

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    New Environmental Film Highlights Sustainable Energy Rsearch


    A new film, funded by the NRN AEM and UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has been produced which highlights research being carried out at Swansea University on CO2 capture and utilisation - looking at the future of renewable energy.

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    'Molecular Gastronomy' Makes for Curious Science at 'Super Science Saturday'


    NRN AEM PhD Students showcase STEM Outreach skills as part of British Science Week

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    Engineering Networks Could Provide the Answer in Aiding Researchers with Crucial Industry Opportunities Post Academia.


    NRN AEM aids researchers in making unique collaborations with industry for future careers post academia.

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    'Welsh Science Initiative Flourishes' as Funding for Research into Life Threatening Diseases Secured


    NRN AEM academics have secured sought after EU funds to aide in vital medical engineering research.

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    NRN AEM Academic Awarded World Class Industry Secondment


    Our Swansea University academic Dr Rajesh Ransing featured in the news this week as he was awarded an industry secondment through the Royal Academy of Engineering scheme.

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    'Glow in the Dark Bacteria' highlights the risk electric microwave fields pose to health


    Led by our core partner academics in Cardiff University, Catrin F Williams and team have recently discovered the effects electric microwaves, similar to those emitted from mobile and WiFi technology, have upon a living organism.

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    Spidersilk - Nature's Bio Superlens


    for paper W. Fan, B. Yan, Z. Wang, L. Wu, Three-dimensional all-dielectric metamaterial solid immersion lens for subwavelength imaging at visible frequencies. Sci. Adv. 2, e1600901 (2016).

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